Welcome ... to - Carriesmatic.com - home of Carrie's-matic! ...   the Floating Concept Party Boat / Pirate Bar / Club ... and Luxury Resortware Boutique of the Virgin Islands, on board the "H.M.S. Xanadu", berthed at Road Town Harbor, Tortola Island, BVI, or island-hopping between the coolest party destinations in the Caribbean -- and home of beautiful Blonde Bombshell Snow-/Skate-/Surf-boarding Princess and Bikini Model, Carrie Cameron Hall   --   of Lake Tahoe, California, Jupiter Beach, Florida, and Newport/Kingstown, Rhode Island.  
Carrie, B&W, on Venice Gondola, vintage dress Carrie on knees reaching for vodka glass Carrie - Headshot, forest-green eyes, ash-blond mane swept in the wind Carrie,full-body, leaning on rock wall in light blue sundress Carrie reclining on the engine cover of a speed boat
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